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 "ALL EXPENSES PAID"  - What would you do if you won an all expense trip to a home on a remote island? Unfortunately, the house isn’t what it seems to five lucky winners. Might seem like the perfect vacation turns into something completely different.


 "NEW IN TOWN"  - Malcolm and Daisy move to a new town, only to discover that mixed-race couples in their 20s, with an eerie likeness to themselves, have all gone missing without a trace. Malcolm, a police officer, sets out to investigate this.

Hollyshorts Screenwriting Competition (2019) – Semifinalist*


 "YARBOROUGH FALLS"  - When Jake returns to his hometown to care for his ailing mother,
he begins to uncover terrible secrets about the children who have gone missing over the decades.


 "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL"  - When an elderly couple commits murder to improve their sex life, they catch the attention of the local police.


 "FAMILY GUY: FOREIGN EX-CHANG"  - The foreign exchange student from Korea that the Griffins take in makes an instant connection with Chris but is only using him to execute her master plan as Peter’s sudden new group of friends uses him to get closer to their target.

Finalist in the 2nd Annual Stage 32 Happy Writers Comedy Contest*

 *Various Sketch Writing Scenes upon Request *

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